Advanced English expressions to talk about Christmas

Christmas advanced English expressions!

Advanced English expressions to talk about Christmas

Let's learn 10 fabulous advanced English expressions to talk fluently about the Christmas period

Christmas time …. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!*

In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to use these 10 fab advanced English expressions to talk about Christmas:

  • to overindulge
  • all the trimmings
  • my nearest and dearest
  • to slave over a hot stove
  • to get showered with gifts
  • tipsy
  • the thought that counts
  • pull out all the stops
  • festive
  • secret Santa
Let’s go!


Tis the season to be jolly!* = everyone should be happy at Christmas time (‘Tis (old English) comes from ‘it is’.

1. These words and phrases are commonly used to talk about Christmas:

to overindulge   –    all the trimmings   –   my nearest and dearest    –   to slave over a hot stove     –     to get showered with gifts

Read the sentences below and match expressions with their definitions

ps. Boxing day = Dec 26th

2. See if you can drag the right word or expression into the gap!

3. Let's check the meaning!

4. Your turn to talk about Christmas!

See if you can complete the questions using the vocabulary from the exercises above. Why not answer one or two in the comments and try to write your own questions

1. Are you more likely to try to pace yourself over the festive season? Or do you tend to (O)_________? 

2. Have you ever done a (S)____________ at work? Did you like the experience?

3. Do you normally get (T) ________ at Christmas? What do you like to drink?

4. Does your family (P)______________ at Christmas? Or is it a more low-key event?

5. Who slaves (O) _________ in your house at Christmas?!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this festive lesson and learned 10 new expressions to chat about Christmas in English!

Have a great time! Be merry

Kerin English Teacher

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